Travel 6 – Doctor Edward Bear

I‘m not involved in the travelling business that long, but nevertheless, I already experienced my first travel abroad. And for the first time, I didn‘t travel alone, my travel companion Zuppi will be with me from now on. So, I this trip to Doctor Edward Bear was characterized by two debuts. And again, this travel was special and awesome. Glad, I‘m allowed to travel across borders. And I hope, my English isn‘t too bad, so reading this isn‘t too cringey for you.

So, we arrived after a short journey of three days – who knew, travelling to England is that quick? I didn‘t and I am just glad, it‘s that short, Zuppi is pretty impatient *sigh. Sou we were welcomed by Edward and his humans and it was a very lovely and delightful welcoming. We were really happy, the travel went that well and we were looking forward to a nice stay at our hosts place.

Just as usual, it started with some time of getting to know each other while puzzling, crafting and of course cuddling. Did you know, that the paws of a bear are quite soft and plushy? Zuppi and I learnt some pretty cool new things, and we must say: We love the English way of living. So relaxed, layed back and calm. They queue the proper way and no one gets upset of it! I wouldn‘t believe it, if I hadn‘t experienced this. So brilliant, but let‘s go back to topic.

We were allowed to accompany the human to the ukulele group and it was just awesome! The people were so friendly and their music was so enjoyable to listen to. We had a great time there, seeing them practicing, playing the ukulele and having a nice time together. Music is a great way to create a community spirit, and so we were all happy to hear the music. Zuppi and me couldn‘t stop ourself from swaying to the music, it was just a perfect pleasure.

After that, we got a portion of Fish‘n‘Chips, one of the meals England is well known for. Yummy, delicious! And that‘s where we first experienced the perfect queue. I hope, I can explain it to my twolegged, when I‘m home. He was in England already some years ago, but didn‘t had to enqueue there. He must do this the next time, when he‘s in England. He oftens get mad, when he have to queue for something in Germany, since no queue is perfect and everytime, there‘s someone annoying anyone else. 😀

The next days, we spent a lot time for funny activies, such as driving a train. Well, actually, we just sat on the front of the train and it drove all by itself. But still, a sense of being the engineer evolved :D.

And then, we were teached how to make knitting yarn – it‘s not that difficult, actually, but it is really fun! Zuppi couldn‘t resist snugglinng down in the whool – but is it any wonder? It‘s pretty warm and soft, we loved it. We spun the whool and rolled the crafted yarn afterwards, and after a few hours, it was ready. Great to see how to do this. Maybe, we‘ll have to use this knowledge somewhen in the future, who knows?

And then, I had my third birthday with perfect weather. We went to the Abberton Reservoir, being a wildlife reserve. That was pretty awesome!

Later on, we had a birthday celebration, which was a big surprise for me, since I wasn‘t expecting it. That was an awesome party and I liked it very much, thanks again to all being involved.

The next day, we were at a garden center… and just as in the building center at @AllesAlex, it was a fun place to be. We just overdid having fun a little bit and Edward were a little distressed. Sorry for that.

The next days, we enjoyed some great days in the garden, and explored the stumperie with Patches, another plushie. We didn‘t see a bear being that colorful. A friendly, good looking contemporary and very helpful. We had a decent time together there.

And then, we went to Paycockes. An awesome town, and the English architecture is just a pleasure to see, so many old houses, cottages, and so on, just awesome to see. We liked it a lot and were promised to come back there some days later for travelling to the next host without the postal service being involved.

After some delicious strawberries we came back to the garden center the other day and promised to behave better than the first time we were there, and so we did. The humans bought some flowers to plant and it was just nice to be in that huge bunch of pansies … wait, these are pansies, aren‘t they?

Some days later, we went to Aldeburg with Patches and had a delicious meal – but we were there for more than just eating. We explored the scenery for a while and Zuppi nearly drove a boat, but it was a bit too windy. So, it was a bit too risky falling into the water, and we didn‘t want that to happen.

We went to the sea side, instead, and saw our beloved North Sea from a completely new point of view. I couldn‘t image, the North Sea is that huge, reaching from Germany to England. Pretty cool, actually.

On the evening, Zuppi was allowed to drive a boat – in the bath tube at our hosts place. She were happy and pleased and drove for a long time in the little boat, but had to leave, as the humans needed the tube to clean theirselves. Zuppi was reluctant to do so, but she had to and she were allowed to drive the boat the next day again, so it was okay for her.

The last day of sightseeing, we went to Sutton Hoo and saw some verly old harnesses of the past, being found in the ground. Seeing some historical things of the place we were exploring, was so exciting. I mean, this area were already important for people living a very long time ago, can you imagine? Crazy stuff, we loved to be there. And doesn‘t I look good as an Anglo-Saxon warrior, huh?

On our last evening, we had a farewell party with all our new friends we got to know during the time we were there and just as the total visit, it was awesome as well. So, thank you, Edward for giving us a host and your hospitality, we really loved our stay and looking forward to another visit. See you next time!

PS: Can’t resist posting this picture. Sorry. ^^