Travel 7 – Mr Quacks

After the little post incident (god/whoever knows, where Zuppi and me stranded along our way back home), I can finally sum up our second trip abroad. We didn‘t go by post to the next host, we were handed over from host to host without the postal service being involved. Maybe, the irregular long sender time was a little revenge of the postal services. I don‘t know. But actually, this isn‘t the topic of this post, the real topic is my time with Mr Quacks, plus some more.

It started with the greeting ritual. Getting to know all of the humans and plushies living at our hosts place. So, we can add some new species of plushies to our list of all species being seen: A duck, a lion, a tiger and a cow. Can you imagine? We couldn‘t! But it‘s really great. We love meeting new plushies a lot (well, if we didn‘t, why would we travel? ;))

Well, we like to eat food, especially sweets, cakes, cookies, scones … and we got a lot of the last ones during our trip. So delicious, I can tell.

But eating some awesome scones wasn‘t the only thing we did. We really love sight-seeing and we did a lot, also. We went to Baddesley Clinton, a place belonging to the national trust. Sorry for my wording, but it‘s so fucking awesome. It‘s just looking very and typical british, and we loved to be there. These kind of places are just brilliant – it seems like time stands still at such places. I‘m still stunned of this sight and glad, Mr Quacks had shown us this place.

And did you know, I‘m a filmstar now? No? Well, I got recorded a lot by the human of Mr Quacks and at the end of this post, there will be a video, containing all videos being recorded, or maybe, just a link to it. I don‘t know, how my tour manager/website admin Twolegs will arrange it with the GDPR. It‘s just a non-commercial site not being affected by this, but Twolegs just wants to be safe, just in case.

Back top topic, we went to Packwood, and there was a wooden seat, formed like a bear, so funny. And again, a great place to get to know the way England looks, just brilliant. We had a great time there.

We went to Bibury, a nice town by a river. Again, just awesome. We got to see really beautiful places with a brilliant tour guide. Oh boy, I wish, I could be there, again. Great place.

We got to see a big rabbit, it‘s huge, isn‘t it? Was fun to sit on its head and watch the place from a little higher place. And even though, I knew, that is was just a sculpture, I was afraid that he would be start hopping away every moment. Odd.

We went to Snowshill Manor, where we saw some funny things. Little toys, houses and stuff. I loved the wooden train, we sat on. I was a little disappointed, he didn‘t move, but okay, you can‘t have everything.

The next day, we saw some real deers at Charlecote Park. Such cute animals, I would have hugged every deer we say, if I could. So cute.

And then, we went to some awesomely arranged flowers and bushes. I really don‘t want to be gardener there. They must do have just a hard job to get all of the patches this accurate, neat and good looking 😀

Then, we went to Burford, where we saw a huge and old church – I really don‘t want to know hard it was to build this with less developed technology like today. At that time, people were able to build such awesome buildings, nowadays, the Germans can‘t build an airport properly. Unbelievable 😀

So, we went to Upton House & Garden. There was a swimming pool, but I guess, there weren‘t anyone bathing for a long time. Would it be healthy to go for a swim in there? I‘m not sure.

Then, we met an elephant at the Brighton Pavillon. I‘m a little reliefed, it wasn‘t a real one, but this one was huge enough, too, and I pretty cute.

Visiting the Rollright Stones, we came along the King‘s Stone. It‘s standing there since 1800-1500 BC, can you imagine? So stunning.

At Coughton Court, I tried to tell the time by a sundial. Unfortunately, it was cloudy, so it ws impossible. But hey, at least, I tried 😀

We visited Kiftsgate Gardens, where another water basing was builded. These Gardens were really beautiful! Props to the gardeners, they are doing an awesome job there, I don‘t want to change 😀

Then, we met an English plush celebrity: Uncle Pete Sheep, a huge, friendly and soft sheep. So kind and welcoming. I feel a bit embarrassed, I didn‘t know him before, to be honest.

At our last day, we visited Finchingfield – and with that mill, I was remembered of home: We have a mill a few kilometres from home, too. And that‘s where I‘m still on my way to. Glad, my tour manager had planned this huge gap between Mr Quacks and the next host, so it won‘t come to any delay in my tour plan 😀

Well, I‘m really happy to saw some awesome places in England, but this two trips weren‘t my only stays there this year. Once again, I will travel to England this year. Right after the summer break in August. Looking forward to it, England is awesome!

Click here for the video of all recordings, you will be directed to Youtube, just for info. CLICK.