Travel 9 – Mr Ponders, Mr Quacks

The second time in England, the ninth travel in total, and still something new: 2 hosts at one travel. That wasn‘t planned actually, but I‘m glad, Mr Ponders organized it that well. We had a lot of fun again, so we‘ll come back to England next year for sure!

Mr Ponders, his human and his friends collected us from the mail depot. Plenty of plushies were in the car, as we got in there. And everyone were totally friendly and welcoming. The ride home were very exciting, we talked a bit and joked around and the landscape we came across, were very neat. But, to be honest, that wasn‘t any surprise – we do already know, that England is just beautiful.

We visited another national trust, this time a place in which Winston Churchill had his home. Pretty interesting to wander his footsteps there, since he is a very important person in European history. He won‘t read it hisself, but thank you for your effort back then, Sir Churchill, nevertheless.

And the place is extremely beautiful, isn‘t it? We couldn‘t see enough of it, we liked it very much! Zuppi has had some problems to get up there, first, but the view over the water compensated any hassle.

Unfortunately, it rained the next day, so we looked at the garden from indoors through the garden door, but we had fun, nevertheless. So Ponders had the idea to play some indoor football and we loved it a lot. We were playing it in a slightly huge group – we were 9 plushies and we were pretty cheerful. We used a glass as goal and it was pretty difficult to score since the ball was a bit too big for it, but anyways, everyone of us scored plenty of goals and some shots missing the goal were just too hilarious.

The next day, the weather was better again and we were visiting the Chichester Cathedral. What a huge building and typical british. I was stunned by the inside of the Cathedral, Zuppi liked the cloisterered courtyard the most.

Afterwards we wandered around the Bishop Palace Garden and found an old tree to climb on. That was pretty fun, too, and we could be a little more playful again. Inside the church, we wanted to behave a little better, since it‘s a sacred place and we didn‘t want to annoy other people seeking the silence inside the building.

The next day, the human of Ponders had some stuff to do, so we had to occupy ourself for the day, we had some races on the bannisters. That was fun, and happily, noone fell off or got hurt.

As the human came back and had to do some washing up, we were sliding down on the sofa, not every slide was successful, but luckily, the fall ended softly.

We visited the church of the hometown, and it was beautiful, too. Smaller, of course, but beautiful. The sorroundings were pretty neat, I don‘t want to know hard it is, to manicure it and and how long it takes.

And then, we could finally go to the garden of Mr Ponders and could climb a little there. It‘s neat, too, so we were really happy to get into it, not only watching it through windows ;D

We got to know „Owl“, a very friendly owl – with the same colours like the ones of Zuppi. Pretty cool, Owl told some interesting stories about the family of Mr Ponders and what they usually do, when we‘re not around 😀

The next day, we discovered a local park. We went for a walk there and it is just amazing, how neat and tidy any public garden is. We enjoyed our walk there a lot!

And then, we went to a place we already knew from the travel to Mr Quacks. Bourton on the water. Nice, to see a familiar place again.

There were are a bush cut into the shape of a car. Pretty amazing and the one cutting it had to put huge effort into it, I guess. And he have to cut the bush very often, since it grows out of shape pretty fast, I assume.

Then, Mr Ponders and me wandered around Hidcote, another beautiful place. There was a boulder on which we sat to look around. I fell in love with England the third time. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

The next day, Fido and Zuppi went to Wesronbirt Arboretum. They sat on a tree and loved it as much as we loved Hidcote. It was a great idea of Herself, as Mr Ponders and Fido call their human, to split for these two trips, so the travel was a bit different to both of us and we had many things to talk about on our way back to Germany by mail. The time in mail at trips abroad can be pretty tedious, I‘m telling you.

And visting beautiful places continued (who would have thought it? 😉 ), we went on to Studeley Castle, the old cannons were amazing and frightening at the same time. Glad, they were out of order. I can‘t image how loud they can get, if used. *shivers

We went back to the house of Herself and were happy to see all who stayed home again. And then a new thing happened to us. We were given to a second host at this travel for the last weekend in England.

And that was not just a host, it was Mr Quacks! Everyone was so happy to see each other again and for a second time this year. And they all were as welcoming as at my first trip to them.

We went to Audley End, and there were some stables with real, huge horses. I was remembered of kleinerquasi a little, for Zuppi, it was her first meeting with the living kind of us. Pssst, I tell you a little secret, but don‘t tell Zuppi anything: She was a little afraid of the horses. I think, we have to visit Quasi again, so she might lose her fright then, when she will notice, that huge horses are equally friendly as smaller ones 😉

We wandered around and found a small apple tree. The apples looked very tasty, but we didn‘t eat any of them, since we were afraid, we can‘t stop and eat everything. That would have been too impolite for us as visitors.

And then, we went to another place we already knew to meet someone we already knew either: The human of Doctor Edward Bear and Ginger were there! Another brilliant idea, so we could talk to them one more time this year, too. Lucky us!

The next day, it was time for us to head back home. Well, actually not back home, but towards the probably world most famous ant: Anton Meise. But about that travel, I‘ll talk for the next time. Now, I just want to thank Mr Ponders, Herself, their roomies, Mr Quacks, his human, their roomies and Ginger and the human of Doctor Edward Bear for making my ninth travel as unique as the eight before. See you next year, you bet!