Travel 16 – TourGuideTed

Despite our 16th travel happened already quite some time ago, we still wanrt to sum it up. Sorry for that long time of waiting, my tour manager became lazy. And he‘d got just one job. *sigh
Okay, back to topic – By reading this blog entry you‘ll know, why our 16th travel was a blast. Here we go.


Visiting TGT is the first of three consecutive travel destinations in the UK, so we had to recover a little from the flight to England, but since we‘re used to it, it wasn‘t too hard. As on every arrival at new hosts, we got to know each other on the first days, to cut short: Not surprisingly, we were pretty successful on this. TGT and his roomies are some pleasant fellows. We had a lot of fun!


We went to „the Hungry Horse“ and had dinner there, delicious meal and delicious drinks, of course. And a very delightful location. If we lived together with TGT, we would visit it very often, for sure.


Then, we visited Star City, a decent place in Birmingham, and met another bear there. If we had known, what will happen later on our visit, we would have try to get used to meeting new pals. More more later on.


We almost thought, we went to Paris, as we saw that building but TGT was convincing us very fast, it‘s just Blackpool. Well, that sounds derogarty and unworthy for Blackpool. Neat city with interesting architecture! Sounds better.


We went to an amusement park in Backpool and enjoyed ourselves a lot! Visiting places in such huge groups is always amazing and funny =)


Preparing for the TweetUp, already mentioned above, we went to London. Zuppi and my first time in the capital city. We didn‘t get out of the amazement for a very long time. But that was still topped by the upcoming TweetUp.


Can you believe it? So many plushies and we‘re among them. We even said hi to Brombelbeer and his roomies. Bears, we already know from Twitter. It‘s a small world. That was awesome!


I don‘t want to leave all the food we ate unmentioned, and it was a huge amount for just two little ponies, I‘m telling you! You just can‘t stop eating, when your meal is that delicious. Yummy!


Unfortunately, every travel has to end some time, and again, the time went by too fast. But we‘re happy we met another awesome pals in England, and we surely will come back somewhen in the future. To keep in touch with TourGuideTed, being actually a Tour Guide – a pony approved one!