Travel 17 – Old Snooze

The second consecutive visit in England led us to Old Snooze. We already had a lot and different kind of host plushies, but Old Snooze is the first of his kind. And so relaxed, funny and kind. We had a great time visiting him. Let‘s see.


We were welcomed with a huge banner. That was so sweet, always a great feeling being welcome that much. And so we knew that early, that this visit could not fail.


Since we arrived a little earlier than planned, we had a little off time the first days, but that‘s no problem at all, since we‘re used to it. Our tour manager always plans a little too much time for our travels, but it‘s better than being too late all the time. So we had enough time making plans and talk to each other. It‘s a really great thing to visit locals, they always have some decent spots to show, a tourist would not know possibly, if he travels on his own – a little tip for all humans reading this. I mean, Zuppi and me are not able to travel on our own, but let‘s move on.


You know, we love all pictures our hosts are taking, but there are some special pictures that are just … special. One of a kind, kind of the best of the best. This picture is one of them. It has its own magic, I can‘t even describe it, it‘s just, yeah, it‘s pure gold, actually.


So we went to Bath on a beautiful day. Awesome city! Old Snooze showed us some real neat places there and we were carried in a huge bag. That was really comfy. We loved this trip a lot!


No visit without some delicious drinks. Zuppi doesn‘t drink that much actually, but that was a win/win-situation, so Old Snooze and me had a bit more. If the british people can do just one thing, then it‘s brewing or producing other alcoholic drinks. Way too delicious. So delicious, that I was slightly afraid of being hangover the next time all the time, since it was so hard to stop drinking.


After that, we had some time to recover, I‘m not saying, we had to recover, I‘m just saying, I mean, if we had to recover, then we had enough time for it, purely hypothetical, of course, back to topic. On easter sunday, we went to the Pony & Trap. Funny, that two consecutive hosts took us to places with equine titles. We had a very delicious lunch there, and the weather was just beautiful, fortunately.


Zuppi and I went on an easter egg hunt and challenged us, who of us find more. It was a draw, surprisingly. And Old Snooze did a great job as referee, so we gave him some of our eggs to thank him.


Easter went by very fast, but there were still plenty of things to do for us. The next jaunt we had led us to the harbourside of Bristol, to a real legend. A historical ship called „the Matthew“. That was a pleasure to see. Old Snooze and us were not alone, Grandpa and Salty joined us. The travel group grew and grew.


And then, we visited one of the few still existing Concordes. It‘s an awesome looking plane with decent technic in the inside. Very interesting. And astounishing, how fast it flew. Unfortunately, not anymore.


We went on to Glastonbury, even though, the weather wasn‘t that good anymore. But we‘re not made out of sugar, so we didn‘t care that much. Decent place, we just knew it from the festival. To be here and see, that Glastonbury is not only the Festival is kind of reassuring.


Unfortunately, that was the last trip we had with Old Snooze, since our time had run out. On the last day, we met Old Snoozes family, and there‘s a lot of them, indeed, indeed. We had some difficulties not to mix up all of them but we managed it, somehow. All in all, it was a really great time with Old Snooze and his family and we‘re glad to came for a visit. Again, any time!