Travel 18 – Mr Quacks

The third consecutive visit in England brought us to Mr Quacks. So we visited him for the third time in total. Instead of getting boring, it gets interesting more and more. And the first and second visit weren‘t boring, either.


You know, it‘s always quite exciting getting to know new fellas, when you arrive at places of somebody you‘ve never met before. But it‘s equally exciting to visit someone you did. It‘s not like the „Hey, how are you, nice to meet you, what‘s going on here, what are you up to“, stuff like that, it‘s like „Heeey, long time no see, how‘s it going, what happened in the meantime, how was the event you told us the last time we met?“, stuff like that. You just don‘t have to make an impression on your host anymore, since they know you already. But, as already mentioned, arrivals at new hosts are awesome as well. I think, I run off the track. So. Here‘s the travel report.


After some days of planning, we‘ve met another former host‘s human and the roomies Ginger and Mousie. That was pretty amazing, we talked a lot about the time after our last meeting and everyone had awesome new stories to tell. Funny, how the life of everyone goes on and there are plenty of new things to talk about. When we visit someone, it‘s like a spotlight of our hosts life. We don‘t know, what happened before, we don‘t know, what will happen afterwards. Meeting each other again is just like expanding this single spotlight to a line of plenty spotlights in a row. Where‘s the track again?


Visiting the same places as before is awesome, too! It‘s like refreshing your memories, so they don‘t get lost between all the new impressions and memories. You should try this, too. Go and visit your favourite places, or places you enjoyed a lot, again. You‘ll spot a lot more details than you perceived at your first visit. I guarantee it. Keep on track, little pony.


Then, we went to Lavenham church. Despite our twolegs (and tourmanager) and us are quite agnostic, we‘re always pretty stunned by churches and their architecture. Knowing, how limited the construction equipment was at the time the church was built and how great the result is, nevertheless, is very impressive. I mean, we‘re on a much higher state of the art now, and some new buildings are way uglier or never even finished (airport of Berlin *cough *cough).


With Clarence, we went to Anglesey Abbey. We really love the green spaces of England. These places are just perfect. I think, we could be there forever. Pretty wholesome.


With Bentley, we visited Bridge End Garden. Just as awesome as Anglesey Abbey and a decent place to take a deep breath. There‘s no better air than the one in parks. Fantastic!


After that, we went to Cornwall. Padstow, to be exact. We had perfect weather to visit the coast and we were just two happy ponies. That was really delightful.


And then, we met our travel idol Ludwig Löwe again! Together with other plushies we already know and we are going to visit later on our second travel season. It‘s always a pleasure for us, when the travel route of Ludwig and ours crosses each other. We can always learn something new from his experiences and he always gives decent advices. And all the others were awesome, too. That was an awesome tweet up, I‘m telling you!


Every town on the shore of Cornwall has got a lot similarites and huge differences to each other at once. It‘s like: Hah, I‘ve seen everything, whooaaa, did you see this? That‘s great!“ This picture shows Port Isaac, as an example. But don‘t you say, all towns look like this in Cornwall!


We‘re glad, Mr Quacks‘ human was with us, as we visited the Glendurgan maze. I‘m afraid, we still would be lost right now, if we went there alone. Mr Quacks‘ human is huge enough to have an overview. What a relief!


We went to Heligan Gardens and met another lifesized horse. Am I the only one thinking, it looks pretty similar to me?


As our last trip, we went to Stonehenge. Being there was quite surreal, since we know it only from pictures before, being there for real was just mindblowing, to be honest. Great, we saw it.

Unfortunately, this is how our third travel to Mr Quacks ends. But a fourth visit is already upcoming. We‘re travelling back to Germany for a month now, then we‘ll come back to England for another 3 consecutive english hosts 😀 See you then, really Great Britain!