Corona? The beer – Yes, please. The virus: No, thanks.

To cut it short: Travelling goes on! But there are some important notices, you should obey. Our tourmanager and us have worked them out to avoid spreading the virus.

This notices affects any host of us and should protect any following host. We cannot rule out that a following host belongs to the risk group and would get in serious health problems due to us. Please follow these rules in any case! Thank you in advance.

Point 1: Prevention / Avoiding chains of infection

Rule 3 of our travel regulations will be extended. Not only you should clean your hands before touching us, when they‘re dirty. Now, you must clean your hands thoroughly before touching us, when you had contact to object you don‘t know whether they‘re germ-free.

The sentence „Don‘t give him to strangers.“ in rule 10 will be reinforced, additionally, even your contacts, friends and family must have clean their hands thoroughly before touching us.

Avoid carrying us through crowds of people, don‘t let us coughed or sneezed on, don‘t let us make contact to surfaces you don‘t know whether they‘re germ-free. Carry us through the public transfer only in closed containers (bags, backpacks, our travel bag)

Unfortunately, our plush is a perfect surface for germs to spread and germs are invisible.

That‘s why rule 7 are getting relaxed, affecting the rules of washing/cleaning us. You‘re allowed to wash us and our stuff travelling with us in the wash machine (30°C in a washing net), when we arrive at yours, just to be sure, we‘re free of germs. Don‘t put us in the tumble dryer. Let us dry on a warm place.

Point 2: In case of infection

If you or someone we had contact within the last 14 days gets tested positiv on Covid-19, please inform our tour manager @PietLu immediately, so he can clarify the following steps with the following host.

Please send us back to the address written in the accompabying book, immediately. Or commission someone to send us back, if you‘re not able to do it.

Please spray us with surface disinfectants before putting us in the travel box.

If you‘ve already send on us, our leaving is within the last 14 days and you‘re getting tested positiv, please also inform @PietLu immediately.


That‘s it. If there will be additions, we‘ll inform you via Twitter. Again, the urgent plea to obey these rules. It‘s very important to all of us!

And also again: As long as the postal service doesn‘t cease their work, our travels will go on. We can‘t and we do not want to be without you 🙂

Feel hugged from

Zuppi and the Travel Pony