An ode to you

Dear friends, fans and follower of the travel ponys,

You read a little ode to you and the third travel season of the ponys written by TwoLegs PietLu.

The third travel season is over and it was once again as unique as there wasn’t any place for routine left. I don’t want to mention the unfortunately still omnipresent topic beginning with C too much, this shall do others for me.

The thing I want to mention on this behalf, is the fact, how wonderful it is, that you as hosts adapted your plannings all by yourself in that proper way, I didn’t had the urge to intervene at any time. Earlier departures, I would have never demanded from you, were so naturally, I didn’t had too much organisation to do.

Thanks to @mr_quacks1 being that kind and @fluppelzausel, too, who changed her travel slot.
Even cancellations of trips happened without any intervention of me. You’re all great, careful, forsighted and commendable hosts.

I want to amplify the plenty of happended visits, no matter, how short or long they were or what was done planned or unplanned. The ponys had a lots of fun over the complete year, I notice this on their mood.

It was the second season without interim breaks and comebacks to home, which saves me some money, but mostly shows your high interest to host the ponies. The ponys will be only 12 days at home in 2020, which is sad for me and especially @Pferdic, but thanks to your pictures and reports wonderful, either.

Thank you very much for the plenty of great entries in the travel diary and the gifts, you put in the travel box, which I had in mind much lighter. Please don’t be mad, that I sort out some of its content and collect it here at home not to reach the travel limitation of 2 kilograms, so the oncoming travel will be as unproblematically as they were.

In times of the Brexit and planned travels to England 2021, I have to mind the fact not to exceed some intrinsic values. But that’s my cup of tea, you don’t have to mind that. Just continue, what you done before, and all is fine!

Thanks to 2020, we can say, we are experienced in crise situations almost routined and well-placed for whatever may come the next travel seasons. Since there are still some travel slots available 2021, I want to call for invitations for the fourth travel season. New hosts are as welcome as good old friends 🙂